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On this page I hope to answer some common questions about bengals including:

What is a bengal cat?

How do you care for a bengal cat?

What is a Bengal Cat?

The Bengal Cat is a unique domestic breed derived from crossing various breeds of domestic cats with Asian Leopard Cats. Breeders are working to create a cat that has the shape and beautiful coat of the Asian Leopard Cat and the friendly temperament of the domestic cat.

Asian Leopard Cats

Asian Leopard Cats occur from India eastward through Burma, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia and south to Indonesia and northwards to China. They are about the size of a domestic cat or a bit smaller. They have relatively small heads and small round ears.  There is considerable variation in size and color from differing parts of their range. They are primarily a cat of the forest, nocturnal and generally very shy.

The first generation offspring of an Asian Leopard Cat and a domestic cat - known as the F1 generation - usually are very shy and do not make good pets.  Those cats that have an Asian Leopard Cat as a grandparent are known as the G2 or second generation Leopard Cat hybrids. These cats are less shy, but still generally do not like to be handled, especially by strangers. Those cats that are three generations from the Leopard Cat - the G3 generation - often behave just like a domestic cat and usually make good pets, especially in a quiet adult home.  Those cats that are four generations or more from their Leopard Cat ancestor are known as  SBT Bengals. These cats should have the same friendly temperament as totally domestic breeds.  SBT Bengals can be shown at cat shows and make wonderful pets.



Caring for a bengal cat is the same as for any other domestic house cat. They readily eat quality cat food, use a litter box and require the same vaccinations as other breeds of domestic cats. Like all domestic cats they should NEVER be allowed to roam outside unattended.

Most bengals are outgoing and confident. After a proper introduction, they get along with all members of the family including other cats and dogs. They are moderately active and inquisitive. While not very vocal, they can make a range of sounds from chirping like a small bird to a gutteral 'roar'.

Foundation bengals -- F1s, G2s and some G3s -- do require some extra care and housing.  If you decide to purchase a foundation leopard cat hybrid, please listen carefully to the breeder about its care and housing.


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